Sunapee looks at preserving two historic buildings

At either end of Main Street in Sunapee stand two notable and historic buildings and both are in the news these days. “James Perkins house may become new office of Sunapee’s SAU 85,” reported the Eagle Times (August 14, 2009). The old Victorian house at 50 Main Street in Lower Village built in 1890 may become the home for the new school administrative unit. The school board is seeking community involvement and input in the project, which could open the way to preserving the building’s historic attributes. A proposal will be on the school board agenda when it meets September 3.

At the other end of Main Street, in the Harbor Village district, the former livery/town office building is moving closer to being listed on the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places. At the select board meeting August 11, Old Town Hall Committee (OTHC) members Mike Durfor, Ron Garceau, Jo Hill and Betsy Katz gave an update. The select board approved re-applying to the NH State Register and to the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance for recognition as one of “Seven to Save.”

The OTHC has documented the history and importance to the town of the building, which is also known for its clock tower, dramatic location on the Sugar River and an interior horse ramp from when it was a livery stable.  The committee’s history detectives still welcome information, especially from the 1910-1930 time period. Helpful are old photographs, newspaper articles, documents and personal histories that speak to the building’s past and development through the decades.

The OTHC next meets September 2 for a working session at the Sunapee town hall meeting room, Edgemont Road.  Both applications are due mid-September, according to OTHC Secretary Betsy Katz.

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