Panorama of Sunapee Harbor circa 1930s

Sunapee Harbor panorama view circa 1930

Sunapee Harbor circa 1930

From the past: From perhaps the 1930s, this panorama of Sunapee Harbor (NH) gives an interesting historic perspective. The town acquired the Woodsum Steam Boat Wharf and adjacent property in 1944 and later built restrooms and public parking on the parcel.  The public lakefront green (to the right) remains open.

The present: A proposal presented to the Sunapee select board July 14 by the local Beautification Oversight Committee seeks to redesign a portion of the remaining green area. The plan has prompted conversation about the property’s history and use. An effort is underway to save the green and to develop an accountable public process before changes occur at the park that impact its use and interpretation.

See below for a diagram of the proposal.

If you can help document the area’s history with personal narratives, documents and photographs, contact SunapeeNews.

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  2. […] Panorama of Sunapee Harbor circa 1930 (Sunapee News) […]

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