Call to Action: Save the Lakeside Green

This post contains excerpts from a letter from Bill Boyce, Sunapee, NH, in which he references the memorial to Sunapee WWII soldiers. The stone is located on the edge of the lakeside park at Sunapee Harbor. (photo courtesy of Bill Boyce)

For more information and to sign a petition to save the green, or to otherwise help, contact Bill at:
Bill wrote:

I am frustrated and much saddened to see Sunapee fade away into more of a city than an “Old Town”. It seems we are powerless to keep the quaintness, heritage and old town appeal that used to be such a large part of Sunapee. The small park behind the public restrooms in Sunapee harbor, between Lake Avenue and Lake Sunapee is being taken away from us.

I have spent most of my adult life protecting people and places. I lead the team that removed a WWII minefield on Adak Island in Alaska so that it could be given back to the native Americans, the Aleuts. I have served in the military as a soldier and a civilian over a large part of the world to help make it a safer place, from the drug fields of South America, to the oil and blood filled deserts of Iraq. I have been instrumental in the removal and destruction of hundreds of thousands of tons of hazardous items the likes of which have been, and still are killing American citizens. Therefore, I would think I am somewhat of an expert on what is or is not hazardous. Yet, in my own hometown I seem to be powerless to prevent hazards being placed in a public land that has been long established as a “play” area.

If you begin adding stones and/or other immovable objects to this property, you are now changing the intended use of said property and instead adding hazardous components to the land and making it unusable for a use long established. Decades ago, my dad amongst others, helped clear rocks from the property so children and others could safely play and use the park.

Yes, I am one of those boys that went to the park and played.

Just because a piece of ground contains only a few trees and grass, does not mean that it is empty. It wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing. If you are unable see the beauty of an open, green and grassy lawn with a couple of trees, are we the ones without vision? “More” is not always the answer!

The so-called Sooni saurus “monster,” we prevented from being placed in the park in 2006, will now be replaced with other unforgiving, stone menaces called, to the best of my knowledge, “Chicken Rock” and “Mushroom Rock”. These stone have no historical significance to Sunapee other than the fact that they are locally provided. They don’t belong in that play area!

That park and it’s heritage is full of respect and love for those who died fighting for our country, or died tragically in Sunapee harbor. Now for a few dollars you can have your name put in that park on a stone bench next to those veterans. Is it “ok” for anyone with a few dollars to spare to put their names in our park regardless of who they are, where they are from or what they have done or not done for our town? How does that save our heritage or preserve our parks? How is this any different from buying a “Name Brick”? Do those names on the benches take away from those World War II veterans on that stone plaque?

Is it no longer a memorial park dedicated to those who died untimely by war or tragic accident? Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong? Help us stop this desecration of our park.

Contact the Sunapee town selectboard and sign the petition to prevent this from continuing.

One Response

  1. I think the town needs to stop what’s happening in the park. I am sure the town can develop a way for people to contribute to the town without taking over the area with granite benches and granite rocks and chickens. The park needs to stay open and green. I see the plan handed out at the select board meeting in July shows more benches coming….

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