Sunapee Dems Gottling and Tanner win N.H. House seats

Sunapee, N.H. – 84.6% of Sunapee’s registered voters cast ballots in this year’s General Election on November 6. The local vote counts are available via the town website (homepage) or you can download them here (PDF 279 kb): Sunapee General Election Results 2012

In Sullivan County House District 2 (Sunapee-Croydon), Sue Gottling (D-Sunapee) defeated one-term incumbent Spec Bowers (R-Sunapee). The vote count: 1,343 to 1,003, 57% to 43%, according to NHPR published results. Gottling won Sunapee (1,138 to 798) and split the Croydon vote (205 to 205).

In Sullivan County House District 9 (Plainfield, Grantham, Croydon, Cornish, Newport, Unity, Springfield and Sunapee) Linda Tanner (D-Sunapee) defeated one-term incumbent Tom Howard (R-Croydon). The vote count: 5,525 to 4,759, 54% to 46%. (Unity confirmed Wednesday morning for the District 9 vote count in Unity, the last town in the eight-town district to report, and it showed Tanner edging out Howard, 349 to 323.)

It’s Election Day! Vote!


It’s November 6th, It’s Election Day! GOTV efforts are underway and candidates and campaigns are in the last push to encourage voter turn-out.

Sunapee voters go to the Sherburne Gym, Route 11, to cast their ballots. The poll hours: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

On the ballot are candidates for federal, state and county offices, from president to county commissioners, as well as two controversial constitutional amendment questions.

For voting sites across the state visit the Secretary of State website: poll locations and hours.

If you’d like to preview your ballot, visit the SOS website for towns using Accuvote ballots and paper ballots. Sunapee voters can visit the Town Clerk website for voter and election information.

Constitutional Questions

At the bottom of the ballot this year, voters will find constitutional amendment questions including one about taxation, the other about legislative power and the judiciary. Telegraph staff writer David Brooks provides a summary for voters. Visit:

Voter ID and Registration

New Hampshire poll workers will be asking voters for identification. But you can vote without it by signing a “challenged voter affidavit.” It declares the voter is “duly qualified” to vote in the town.

Valid forms of voter ID include a driver’s license, non-driver’s photo ID, student or military ID, government ID, U.S. passport (even if expired), and any other ID acceptable by the supervisor of the checklist, the moderator or the clerk.

Same-day registration is allowed with proof of age, domicile and citizenship. A driver’s license, passport or birth certificate is normally acceptable proof.

For more information, visit the N.H. Secretary of State.

Take a look at the Sunapee 2012 General Election ballot

A sample ballot for the 2012 general election is now available on the Sunapee town website. Take a look.

For more information about voting including absentee voting in Sunapee, visit or contact the town clerk‘s office at the town office building, Edgemont Road.

Election Day is November 6 and the polls in Sunapee will be open at the Sherburne Gym, Route 11, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sunapee voters will find on the ballot two house seat races. Legislative redistricting in 2012 changed Sunapee’s one town status and replaced it with two multi-town districts:

  • Sullivan County District 2 now is a at two-town district including Croydon and Sunapee
  • Sullivan County District 9 is a new floterial district including Plainfield, Grantham, Croydon, Cornish, Newport, Unity, Springfield and Sunapee.

Former state Rep. Sue Gottling (D-Sunapee) is hoping to take back the District 2 seat from one-term incumbent Spec Bowers (R-Sunapee).

In District 9, Linda Tanner (D-Sunapee) is running against incumbent Tom Howard (R-Croydon).

Lawmakers also redrew Senate District 8 to include Acworth, Antrim, Bennington, Bradford, Croydon, DeeringFrancestownGrantham, GoshenHillsboroughLangdonLempsterMarlowNew London, Newbury, Newport, SpringfieldStoddardSunapeeSutton, Unity, WashingtonWeare, and Windsor.

In Senate District 8, incumbent Bob Odell (R-Lempster) is facing challenger Ckris Wallenstein (D-Weare).

Sample ballots for other N.H. towns are posted on the Secretary of State website:

Also, awaiting Granite State voters are two constitutional amendment questions and one constitutional convention question (viewable on the SOS website and below). Continue reading

Sunapee sees race for selectboard and ZBA

The town ballot in Sunapee shows contested races this year for the board of selectmen and zoning board of adjustment (ZBA).

Four candidates, Stephen White, Shane Hastings, Debbie Samalis and Joshua Trow, are running for two open seats on the selectboard. And three candidates, Daniel M. Schneider, Alexander Kish and Clayton Platt, are looking to fill two openings on the ZBA. However, there are also open positions on the ballot, one each on the planning board,  water and sewer commission and trustees of the trust funds.

Visit the town website to view or download the ballot or see below.

Election day is Tuesday, March 13. The polls will be open at the Sherburne Gym from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. And voter and election information is available at the Town Clerk’s office and on the town website.

Town of Sunapee Officer Ballot
For Moderator
(Two Year)      (Vote for not more than one)
(  )  Harry Gale
(  ) Write In
For Selectman
(Three Year Term)       (Vote for not more than two)
(  ) Stephen White
(  ) Shane M. Hastings
(  ) Debbie Samalis
(  ) Joshua Trow
(  ) Write In
For Treasurer
(One Year Term) (Vote for not more than one)
(  ) Alan W. Doherty
(  ) Write In
For Town Clerk & Tax Collector
(Three Year Term)       (Vote for not more than one)
(  ) Betty H. Ramspott
(  ) Write In
For Fire Engineer
(Four Year Term)        (Vote for not more than one)
(  ) Daniel Ruggles
(  ) Write In
For Cemetery Commission
(Three Year Term)       (Vote for not more than one)
(  )  Jeffrey S. Trow
(  ) Write In
For Cemetery Commission
(Two Year Term) (Vote for not more than one)
( ) Steven Tighe
(  ) Write In
For Library Trustee
(Three Year Term)       (Vote for not more than three)
(  ) Peter V. Spanos
(  ) James G. Gottling
(  ) Jean K. Molloy
(  ) Write In
For Supervisor of the Checklist
(Six Year Term) (Vote for not more than one)
(  ) Holly Simpson-Durfor
(  ) Write In
For Trustee of the Trust Funds
(Three Year Term)       (Vote for not more than one)
 (  ) Write In
For Planning Board      
(Three Year Term)       (Vote for not more than two)
(  ) Robert L. Stanley
(  ) Write In
(  ) Write In
For Zoning Board Adjustment
(Three Year Term)       (Vote for not more than two)
(  ) Daniel M. Schneider
(  ) Alexander Kish
(  ) Clayton Platt
(  ) Write In
For Water/Sewer Commission
(Three Year Term)       (Vote for not more than two)
(  ) David B. Cain
(  ) Write In
(  ) Write In

LTTE: Sue Gottling runs for Sunapee selectboard

Dear Editor: January 19, is the first day of the short period for candidates to sign up to run for town offices. Those offices are posted in various publications, on websites, and in public areas.

I will be signing up to run for the office of Sunapee Selectboard. As a candidate for state office in 2006, I promised to be attentive to town concerns. I kept this promise by regular attendance over the past four years at Selectboard meetings, and, as a result, I am well acquainted with both the process and the issues the board addresses. In addition, four years in the legislature and on the county delegation gives me a background of knowledge and experience that will be useful in making a positive contribution to the governance of the town.

I look forward to discussing issues with Sunapee citizens and voters in the weeks before the March 8th election.


Sue Gottling, Sunapee

The filing period has begun

The filing period runs from January 19 through January 28 for candidates seeking election to local town and school offices in Sunapee. Filing forms for town offices are available at the Town Clerk’s office and, for school positions, at the SAU office. School and town elections will be held on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

Sunapee town offices due for re-election are listed below and on the Town Warrant.

  • 1 Selectman – 3 Year Term
  • 1 Treasurer – 1 Year Term
  • 1 Fire Engineer – 4 Year Term
  • 1 Cemetery Commissioner – 3 Year Term
  • 2 Library Trustees – 3 Year Term
  • 1 Trustee of Trust Fund – 3 Year Term
  • 2 Planning Board Members – 3 Year Term
  • 2 Water & Sewer Commissioners – 3 Year Term
  • 1 Zoning Board Members – 3 Year Term
  • 1 Zoning Board Members – 2 Year Term
  • 1 Zoning Board Members – 1 Year Term

The SAU office at 68 Main Street, Sunapee Harbor, has the filing forms for candidates running for school offices. During the filing period–today through January 28–the office will be open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunapee School District offices up for re-election are listed below and on the school warrant, which is posted in three locations in town (the school, school gym and town hall.  The SAU does not post the Sunapee School District Warrant on-line.)

  • 1 School Moderator – 1 Year Term
  • 1 School Clerk – 1 Year Term
  • 1 School Treasurer – 1 Year Term
  • 2 School Board Members – 3 Year Term

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Sunapee posts 2011 Town Warrant articles

The Sunapee Town Warrant articles for 2011 are now available on-line. The warrant’s 24 articles address funding for an upgrade of the waste water treatment plant, a $5.8 million town operating budget, and various capital reserve funds and equipment purchases for town departments. (Go to Read More below to view the warrant articles as posted by the town.)

This draft of the warrant does not include the specific zoning amendments, the selectmen’s recommendations on money related articles, and other information yet available and to be included in the final town warrant.

The Sunapee town budget hearing will be held on Tuesday, January 11 at 7 pm at the Town Hall (Meeting Room), Edgemont Road.

Sunapee is a Senate Bill 2 (SB2) town; it conducts Town Meeting in two parts — a deliberative session followed by a voting session. The town’s deliberative session will be held Tuesday, February 8 at 7 pm at the Sunapee Middle High School, North Road. Voting will be held on Tuesday, March 8 from 8 am to 7 pm at the Sherburne Gym, Route 11, Sunapee.

Continue reading

New London will vote on changing fiscal year

From the desk of New London Town Administrator Jessie Levine

As we approach the end of the calendar year, I thought it would be fitting to dedicate another column to the proposed change of fiscal year from the traditional January 1-December 31 fiscal year to the July 1-June 30 fiscal year.  I have written on this subject before, but since it is a major change that requires voter understanding and approval, it is worth refocusing on it from time-to-time.

On March 9, 2011, voters at the New London Town Meeting will be asked to approve an unusual budget.  Because the Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee voted in 2009 to change the fiscal year in 2011, Town Meeting will be asked to approve an 18-month budget that will cover operations from January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012, allowing us to make the transition to the July fiscal year. Continue reading

Sunapee 2010 Election Results

Republicans overwhelmed Democrats in Tuesday’ General Election as a wave of red swept over the state. And that was true in Sunapee with the exception of Governor John Lynch. Looking at Sunapee ballot numbers, Governor John Lynch was the only Democrat to top his Republican opponent in an election that had 1511 or 54% of Sunapee’s 2733 registered voters casting ballots. Spec Bowers (R) defeated two-term State Rep. Sue Gottling (D) in the Sunapee House race, Sullivan County District Three.

Sunapee election results: see below or go to the town website. The ballot can viewed/downloaded (PDF 8.1 MB) by clicking here.

Governor: John H Lynch (D) 757 – John Stephen (R) 699 – John H Babiarz (Lib) 39

US Senator: Paul Hodes (D) 533 – Kelly Ayotte (R) 931 – Chris Booth (I) 16 – Ken Blevens (Lib) 17

Representative in Congress: Ann McLane Kuster (D) 625 – Charles Bass (R) 780 – Howard L Wilson (Lib) 35 – Tim vanBlommesteyn (I) 41

Executive Councilor: Beth Funicella (D) 459 – Raymond S Burton (R) 948

State Senator: Harold E Perkins (D) 375 – Bob Odell (R) 1082

State Representative: Suzanne Gottling (D) 724 – Spec Bowers (R) 749

Sheriff: Mike Prozzo (D and R) 535 and 788

County Attornery: Marc Hathatway (D and R) 512 and 783

County Treasurer: John Lunn (D) 496 – Mike Sanderson (R) 870

Register of Deeds: Sharron A King (R) 1114

Register of Probate: Diane M Davis (R) 1115

County Commissioner 2nd District: Ben Nelson (R) 1082

County Commissioner 3rd District: Ethel Jarvis (D) 519 – John Callum (R) 856

Election Day Poll Hours in Sunapee

Election day is Tuesday, November 2nd. The polls in Sunapee will be open from 8 am to 7 pm at the Sherburne Gym.

A sample ballot is posted at the Town Clerk’s office at the Sunapee Town Hall and on-line.

Voters that need to vote absentee must pick up and return their ballots to the Town Clerk’s office by Monday at 5 pm or have it in the Town Clerk’s post office mailbox by 5 pm on Tuesday.

New voters can register at the polls; they will be required to show proof of domicile and citizenship and age. A driver’s license, passport or birth certificate are normally acceptable proof.

The Granite State does not allow on-line voting. Recently, the Attorney General issued a warning about a possible phone-based scam to suppress voter turn-out. “Information suggesting you can vote early online is fraudulent!” the AG’s release says. “New Hampshire does not allow voting through a website.”

Visit Front Door Politics for a NH 2010 Voter’s Guide and polling sites and hours around the state.

LWV Hosts Candidates Forum in New London Oct. 20

The League of Women Voters of the Kearsarge/Sunapee Area will host a candidates forum on Wednesday, Oct. 20 at Tracy Memorial Library, Main Street, New London at 7 pm. Voters can meet candidates for state offices, including state senate and state house. Candidates for US House have also been invited, according to the LWV website. Question and answer session will follow brief presentations by the candidates. The General Election (for Governor, US Senator and US House representatives, Executive Council, state senate and house, and county officials) is Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Candidate forums are also scheduled for Lebanon and Hanover. For more information, visit the LWV.

For a sample ballot in Sunapee, go to the town website.

For reporting on NH politics and public policy visit: Front Door Politics

Sunapee 2009 School Ballot Vote

To view and dowload the Sunapee 2009 school ballot and results, click here (180 kb – pdf file).

Sunapee Says NO to Several Money Articles. Elects Brown and Roach for Selectmen


Greeting voters at the polls outside the Sherburne Gym in Sunapee: Stephen White (left) holding Roach for Selectman sign, Brian Garland (center) and Charlotte Brown (right).

The recession is everywhere. Like other towns on voting day, Sunapee said NO to several money articles for capital reserve funds and new trucks, equipment and paving. Voters also said NO to building a sidewalk along River Road.

In the only contested election in town, Charlotte Brown (475) and incumbent William “Bill” Roach (446) won three-year terms to the board of selectmen. It was a three-way contest, Brian Garland (373) came up short.

Sunapee said YES (393-337) to the town budget of $5,691,897 and to the school budget of $9,881,537 (456-296).

All water and sewer articles passed including $300,000 to engineer and put out to bid a sewer project for the Perkins Pond area. Approved was $570,000 for an upgrade to the waste-water treatment plant with monies to come from the water and sewer capital reserve fund. It also allows the town to receive any available grant monies and funds from New London to defray project costs.

All but one article for the school passed. Voters said NO to $150,000 for the new school administrative unit (SAU 85) Office Capital Reserve Fund. It failed by 140 votes.

Municipal election results are:

  • Alan Doherty – Town Treasurer
  • Betty Ramspott – Town Clerk & Tax Collector
  • Mark B. Scott – Fire Engineer
  • J. William Scharff – Trustee of Trust Funds
  • Rhonda Gurney, Tracy Nangeroni and Faith Webb Reney – Library Trustees
  • Jeffrey Trow – Cemetery Commissioner
  • Robert Stanley – Planning Board
  • Harry Gazelle and Robert Henry – Zoning Board of Adjustment

The water and sewer commission, planning board and cemetery commission had openings that attracted no candidates.

In uncontested races, Harry Gale was re-elected school moderator, Judith Trow to the school board, and Alan Doherty, school treasurer. No one filed for school clerk.

The turnout was 29% with 775 voters of 2696 casting ballots.

Election results are on the town website.

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Sunapee Votes March 10. Take Our Poll.

Voting day in Sunapee is Tuesday, March 10 and the polls at the Sherburne Gym will be open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. There is one contested race, for selectman. Charlotte Brown, Brian Garland and incumbent William “Bill” Roach are running for two positions. Richard “Dick” Leone chose not to run for re-election. David Cain is a write-in candidate for the Water and Sewer Commission. You many have seen his black and white hand-lettered signs along Route 11.

The Town warrant is loaded with articles, some 37 in all. There are zoning amendments, the town budget and questions about: Sewering around Perkins Pond, buying new equipment, building a recreation play area on Ski Town Hill and entering into a inter-municipal agreement in order to develop a broadband network.

In February at the deliberative session, two petitioned warrant articles (No. 36 and 37) were amended so that both a YES and NO maintains the status quo.

The School ballot includes the proposed budget and four other money articles.

The Sunapee Town Report mailed to households last week included handy, sample ballots for all this municipal and school business. So, tell us what you think.

Sunapee Town Report Honors Norm Perkins

Norman Edward Perkins (1911-2008)

Norman Edward Perkins (1911-2008). Photo courtesy of Ron Garceau and Sunapee Historical Society.

Residents of Sunapee received in the mail this week the 2008 Town Report. It’s  dedicated to Norm Perkins (1911-2008).

The booklet contains budgets, annual reports and sample ballots including school and town warrant articles, as amended. Voting day is March 10.

On the cover is a striking black and white photo by Ron Garceau, Sunapee, of the old town office building, as seen from River Road. In 2008, the building was recognized as “One of Seven to Save” by the NH Preservation Alliance.

The dedication is on the inside-back cover.

Perkins died December 31, 2008.

Norm Perkins was a life long resident of Sunapee. Born in Wendell in 1911, Perkins was a graduate of Sunapee High and Wentworth Institute, where he studied steam electrical power generation. For 30 years, from 1939-69, he was the Postmaster in town. He ran Perkins Electric from 1969 to 1981.

In the early 80’s, Perkins was instrumental in the re-building in Sunapee of a generating plant that would capture hydro-power from the Sugar River. As a boy, Perkins watched on a daily basis the construction of the original plant in the 1920’s. So, it was only fitting that Perkins would supervise its re-building, which was completed in 1985. He then served on the town’s Hydro Committee.

Through the years, as a volunteer fireman, cemetery commissioner, and trustee of trust funds, Perkins served the town and its residents in so many ways.

In recognition of his never-failing commitment to the Sunapee community and beyond, we proudly dedicate the 2008 Annual Report to the memory of Norman Edward Perkins. – Town of Sunapee, Annual Report for the year ending December 31, 2008


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