Lake Sunapee Rowing Club: Invite to students

Lake Sunapee Rowing on the waterHigh school students, how about rowing with the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club? The Rowing Club will hold an “interest meeting” on Saturday, March 9, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m, at Pete’s Shed, River Road, Sunapee Harbor.

“High school students aged 14 and up are invited to join our competitive rowing team,” says LSRC coach Brenda Balenger. “Beginners are welcome. No experience necessary.”

LSRC LogoQuestions? Email:

The Sunapee Easter Egg Hunt

Easter eggs

A favorite holiday tradition is the Easter egg hunt.

In Sunapee, the recreation department will have 2,000 eggs filled with toys, candy and extra special treats for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 7.  It will be held at Tilton Park, Route 103B, starting promptly at 11 a.m., and is open to community children 8 years old and younger. Bring your own basket!

The rec department recommends arriving early, parking is limited. Additional parking can be found along Maple and Beech streets. Bad weather will move activities to the Sherburne gym on Route 11. For more information, contact Recreation Director Scott Blewitt at

Winter hikes in the Kearsarge Sunapee area

From Mount Kearsarge, a winter view toward Pleasant Lake

The local hiking group, the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge (SRK) Greenway Coalition, is holding winter hikes that are open to the public free of charge. For the 2012 hike schedule go to:

Three hikes of moderate difficulty are scheduled for February.  On Saturday, February 4, the group will snowshow in the Wilmot Patterson Road area. Hikers will explore Tucker Mountain in East Andover on February 11. And on February 18, the outing will follow a trail from Route 4A to Wilmot Center over Bog Mountain.

“Hike leaders will offer full details for each event, including starting place and time and equipment needs,” according the SRK website. “Please contact the hike leader in advance to get the details” and to determine if the hike is suitable for your conditioning and capabilities.

SRKG winter hikes start January 15

Winter view: Mount Kearsarge toward Pleasant Lake

The Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Coalition is again leading a series of winter hikes in the Lake Sunapee region. The hikes are open to the public free of charge, and offer a variety of terrain and conditions. The hike schedule (listed below) includes snowshoe and cross-country ski events and a moonlight snowshoe outing over a forgiving three-mile course.

A snowshoe tour through Webb Woods in Sunapee on January 15 will kick off the 2011 hike schedule.

Hikes range from easy to difficult.

Hike leaders will offer full details for each event, including starting place and time and equipment needs. There is no cost to participants, except for personal food, equipment, and transportation to the hike site. Continue reading

Sunapee rec department opens ice rink

Sunapee’s outdoor skating rink located behind the Ben Mere gazebo in the harbor village is open for the season and now has a warming hut thanks to John Gosselin’s Sunapee High wood working class of 2010. Rec department Director Scott Blewitt says the warming hut is un-supervised, but has lights inside and out and heat–both on a timer.

Managed by the town rec department, the rink has a new liner this year courtesy of the Sunapee Police Department and Santa Claus, according to Blewitt. The liner will help in maintaining ice quality. The Sunapee Ice-Master is Greg Kelley, who also received “special thanks” from Blewitt.

Here are the rules of the rink:

  • Please keep the hut and ice clean and safe.
  • Respect the signs. An important note, if you see caution tape, that means the rink is closed because of thin ice and to protect the new liner. (Under the ice is a $2,000 liner that can be cut if skaters use the rink when the ice is too thin.)
  • There are ice skates available for free use, and the rec departments welcomes donations of more skates.
  • Have fun!

For more information, contact Scott Blewitt via

Based on comments posted on Facebook, lots of local folks are already enjoying the rink. If you have a favorite Sunapee skating photo to share, send it along, or send us a YouTube video link.

Remember the rope tows in downtown Sunapee?

Remember when….the rope tows operated in “downtown” Sunapee?  The photo was taken by Lou Thompson, and “it looks like Charlie Boyce bringing a young girl up the hill,” said Ron Garceau, publisher of SooNipi Magazine.

See yesterday’s Sunapee News article—Lost Ski Areas in SooNipi Country

And to share your memories of skiing downtown Sunapee or learning to ski on a rope tow or at one of New England’s lost ski areas, just leave a comment.

The photo–Ski Tow Hill looking across toward High and Elm streets–comes to us courtesy of Ron Garceau, publisher of SooNipi Magazine, which chronicles the people, businesses, recreation, lifestyles and history of the area.

America’s Landscape and the Land and Water Conservation Fund

White Mountains National Forest, New Hampshire...

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr


By Catherine Bushueff

New Hampshire is largely defined by its green and open spaces, its vital forest lands and its recreational landscape…including the spectacular White Mountain National Forest and our state parks, beaches and forests. A key partner in protecting and providing for these areas is the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

The Keene Sentinel observed in its Dec. 7th editorial: “The Land and Water Conservation Fund helps keep the nation green.”

The Concord Monitor editorial said:

The conservation fund preserves historic battlefields and helps maintain forest economies It creates jobs restoring parks that have been allowed to fall into disrepair. And it adds threatened lands to conservation areas like the Sylvia Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge that protects the New Hampshire headwaters of the Connecticut River and the river’s watershed.

LWCF has been instrumental in preserving the nation’s land, water, wildlife and recreation heritage, which in turn strengthen local economies and communities and enhance the quality of life. Continue reading

Racers Line Up for Lake Sunapee Turkey Trot

Here’s the run-down for the 4th Annual Lake Sunapee Turkey Trot coming up on Thanksgiving morning at Sunapee Harbor. On-line registration closes on Monday, Nov. 22. Entrants to date include 475 for the 5k race and 53 for the 1K Chicken Run for little ones.

Here are the start times: The Chicken Run, down Lake Avenue and back, 8:15 am.  The Turkey Trot, 9 am. The award ceremony, 10:15 am.

The Turkey Trot starts at the Ben Mere gazebo, goes up Burkehaven Hill Road, and then loops around Lake Avenue and back to the harbor. The finish line is next to Marzelli’s Deli.

How to register: Every racer needs to fill out a race application, sign a waiver form, and collect a bib and pins to receive a time. Go to the “Registration” page to register onlineOnline registration will close on Monday, November 22 at 11 am. Once it closes, racers can register in person on November 24 or on race day, 7 – 8 am. Continue reading

Lake Sunapee Turkey Trot Registration Underway

It’s that time again. Registration is now open for the 2010 Lake Sunapee Turkey Trot and 1K Chicken Run on Nov. 25 in Sunapee.

“The ultimate goal for the event is to grab your friends and family and get across the finish line together,” wrote event Directors Katie Flint, Scott Blewitt, David Rowell and Mindy Flater.  “We’ve seen competitive runners and walkers, runners pushing double strollers, people in wheelchairs, others strolling with coffee mugs, and even one lucky person getting a piggy-back ride…and we applaud you all.”

HOW TO REGISTER: For online registration or to download an application, visit: You can also keep track of who is signing up and for which age category (check out the “list of entrants” page). Continue reading

AMC “Equipped” Blogs on Monadnock Sunapee Greenway

Hubbard Hill, Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail...
Image via Wikipedia

Equipped, one of the Appalachian Mountain Club blogs, reported yesterday on the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Trail Club and its new map and shelter. The Greenway stretches from Mount Monadnock north to Mount Sunapee and “makes for excellent early season hiking and offers backpackers the opportunity–and shelters–for a 5-day, 4-night excursion through the sylvan wilds of southern New England.” Read more via Appalachian Mountain Club’s Equipped: Monadnock Sunapee Greenway: New Map and Shelter.

For hiking related groups and sites, visit:

Kite Sailors on Sunapee After Attending WISSA

Fresh from attending the World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships (WISSA) on Lac Saint Jean, Quebec, 15 year-old Annie Tuthill was out on Lake Sunapee March 13. She got her start on Sunapee, her dad Will Tuttle who wrote in an email, and the conditions last weekend on Sunapee for the kite sailors were “robust” marked by ” gale forced gusts.”

Local sailor Charlie Meding also went to the 30th WISSA competition wrote Tuttle. “He rides for ConceptAir kites, the only snow kites made in North America. He is an excellent skier, kite handler, and has deep local roots.”

A week ago, Meding was back on Sunapee, and hit 61 mph with his Concept Air Smart Kite.

“The powerful and shifty NE winds made for some pretty wild ground effect bounces with the wing. After  a day of upper 40 and low 50 mph sailing, I hit a peak speed of 55.6 mph on Saturday afternoon,” wrote Tuttle. “I had to quit with  76 miles on the clock. I could have made it to 100, but the winds were getting even wilder as darkness pressed in. Maybe better I quit when I did…nothing broken & feeling fine.

Another Sunapee regular Rick Hobbs of Lunnenberg, MA hit 52. He has 2 wings and uses them often, according to Tuttle.

“I wonder…does anyone have any idea how awesome Sunapee is for training?” added Tuttle. “I hope that your readers will come out to the lake and see what goes on there. If not this year, then next.”

Photos provided by Will Tuttle.

For images of 2010 WISSA, visit:

Mink Hills to Mount Sunapee, Hike Hidden and Favorite Trails


Feel like getting out for a hike? The Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Coalition  and Forest Society in conjuction with the Warner Conservation Commission have hikes coming up. They are open to members and non-members alike.

The SRK Coalition continues a winter schedule of weekly treks.  “Be prepared with clothing layers, food, water and snowshoes,” said the SRK release. “And please call the hike leader at least the night before to learn starting location and time.”

For details for the SRK hikes and Forest Society wildlife tracking hike in the Mink Hills, Warner…. Continue reading

Sunapee Looks at $8M Upgrade of Wastewater Treatment Plant

At the deliberative session in Sunapee held February 2 in the high school gym, voters amended only one article before being moving 26 articles to the ballot. The town, governed under SB2, vote by secret ballot on Town Meeting day, the second Tuesday in March. The polls at the Sherburne Gym, Route 11, will be opened March 9 from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • For the Town Warrant, click WARRANT ARTICLES 2010. (See below for amendment to Article 26.)
  • For the 2010 Town Budget ($5.765 Million), click 2010 MS6.
  • For the 2010 Default Budget ($5.827 Million), click 2010 MS7.

A detailed presentation accompanied Article 8. It asks voters to approve an $8 million bond to upgrade to the town’s wastewater treatment plant that serves Sunapee (a 35% user) and New London (a 65% user of the system).

Selectman Steve White said it was an “important bond issue at this time.” He urged voter support.

The presentation included a video of the plant narrated by David Bailey, superintendent of the water and sewer department. A PowerPoint presentation by Neil Cheseldine from Wright-Pierce, an engineering firm, followed and methodically addressed plant history, maintenance challenges, recommended solutions, and the funding scenario.

Designed in 1969 and built in 1974, the plant now has major deficiencies related to the headworks, secondary clarifiers, and oxidation and dewatering of the sludge, Cheseldine explained. A handout for voters listed ten facility deficiencies.

The warrant article says that Sunapee’s share of the cost would not exceed $1.82 million. The greater portion of the cost would be paid by the Town of New London, that share would not be more than 42.25%. Grants and other funds would cover 35% of the cost. Sewer users would pay Sunapee’s portion of the cost, which would result in no impact to the tax rate. A 3/5th approval by voters is required.

“It’s a never ending battle to keep it [the wastewater treatment plant] operating,” said Bailey. “Stuff is just wearing out.”

This is an opportunity for the town to capture some of the federal stimulus money and upgrade the plant before additional failures or possible government mandates, explained Bailey. He went on to say the chance for this level of federal funding being available in the future is “slim to none.”

Spec Bowers, a member of the budget advisory committee, said the upgrade was “essential,” the plant was “in terrible condition, and they are doing the best they can with the equipment they have.”

Detailed information about the project is available at the town office building on Edgemont Road. Bailey encouraged voters to contact the water and sewer department if they have questions, need more information, or wish to tour the facility.

About 95 people including town officials were on hand for this year’s deliberative session officiated by Town Moderator Harry Gale. Discussion and presentations largely focused on two topics: upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant and  Article 23, an advisory question about expanding the proposed new library site at Sunapee Harbor to include the Old Town Hall property.

This year’s proposed zoning amendments, the town budget, articles seeking capital reserve expenditures for equipment and vehicles, and land conservation questions moved to the ballot, in most instances, after short presentations that appeared to satisfy the audience. Many articles prompted little or no debate during the three-hour session.

Article 26, submitted by petition, brought Rec Department Director to the floor. He offered an amendment to the article: “to raise and appropriate $12,000 to construct a ADA compliant bathroom at Dewey beach.” The goal is to build a uni-sex handicapped bathroom that can be accessible during times that beach is not staffed, said Blewitt. It would replace the need for a chemical toilet. The amended article passed; it moves to the ballot.

During the session,  Moderator Gale read to the audience each article (other than the text of the zoning amendments) before accepting a motion and second.  Statements and comments were then entertained. Prior to moving to the next article, Gale asked for a “sense of the meeting” with a voice vote. That’s the tradition in Sunapee under SB 2, Gale explained.

Sunapee Recreation Sponsors Mt. Sunapee Ski Day for Residents

Sunapee Recreation is sponsoring a ski and snowboard day at Mount Sunapee on Tuesday, January 19 (yup, it’s a no school day). The town Rec department has gotten a special ticket rate just for Sunapee residents. To get the special group rate, all tickets must be registered through the Sunapee Recreation Department no later than January 18 at 7 pm.  Ticket prices are set by age group: adults (19-64), young adults (13-18) and seniors (65-69), juniors (6-12) and super seniors (70+). When reserving tickets, you’ll be asked to identify your age group. For more info and ticket prices, contact Rec Director Scott Blewitt.

596 Race in Sunapee Turkey Trot. Seidel Wins Again.

Sunapee Rec Department Director Scott Blewitt said,  “Thank you for registering for the Sunapee Turkey Trot on race day! We are happy to report that registration closed with 596 racers.” In a broadcast email on behalf of all the race directors, Blewitt thanked all involved for their ” enthusiasm and community spirit.”

“Watching close to 600 racers head up Burkhaven Hill is one of the most gratifying parts of the event, and we hope you can come back next year!”

Mindy Flater, David Rowell and Katie Flint were also race directors.

William Seidel (Madison, WI),  a repeat Turkey Trot winner, clocked 16:44 to win the 5K race  held Thanksgiving morning at Sunapee Harbor. The race went up Burkehaven Hill and looped Lake Avenue. A 1K race was held for  young participants.

“Will won every Sunapee Turkey Trot since its inception, but he has also broken the course record every year,” wrote Blewitt. “Fast on his heels was Justin Montgomery (Claremont, NH) with a time of 16:52 who also broke the course record of 16:57.”  Adam Sharp, Sunapee, clocked 17:43 and came in third. With a time of 20:30, Maddy Pfeifer (Andover, NH) was the  fastest female racer, followed by Jess Partlow (Hopkinton, NH) at 20:41, and Jonnifer Moorhead (Wellesley, MA) at 20:44.

View the race results on and follow Sunapee Turkey Trot news via Facebook.


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