Photo by Josh Bushueff

Sunapee: The Summer Landscape — A panoramic view looking toward Mount Sunapee. Photo by Josh Bushueff

SunapeeNews.com comes to you from Sunapee, New Hampshire 03782, in Sullivan County.

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More about SunapeeNews.com

SunapeeNews.com is commercial-free and on-line only.

It uses a blog format that generally posts the most recent article at the top of the Home page. It’s a community news blog dependent on volunteers that contribute news and information, photos and suggestions.

Launched in the summer of 2008, shortly after a local weekly folded, SunapeeNews.com wanted to help fill the information gap and foster conversation around issues of local interest.

SunapeeNews.com happens one article at a time. The goal is to add interesting content weekly.

Go the Contact page to submit a news announcement or press or photo release.

And please contact Catherine to learn about volunteer opportunities at SunapeeNews.com.


The existence and exchange of information is as vital to the healthy functioning of communities as clean air, safe streets, and good schools. If the news and information environment is in trouble, so is civic life.  When a community lacks accurate and timely information, it is neither truly free nor able address the problems it faces.

Many of our community challenges are exacerbated when information on the issues we care about doesn’t exist, or if people can’t easily access or engage and share that information.- From the Knight Community Information Tool Kit (http://www.infotoolkit.org/)

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